Joyce's Signature Da Vinci Watercolor Palette

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18 hand-filled pans includes 6 full pans & 12 half pans

Joyce's Signature Da Vinci Watercolor Palette is an artist curated watercolor palette containing 18 hand-filled pans of Da Vinci Artist Watercolors carefully arranged inside a Da Vinci Paints watercolor tin.

Introducing Artist Joyce Hicks' personal collection of Da Vinci professional watercolor paints that includes all of the colors found in Joyce’s Mother Green and Mother Violet palettes, plus Sap Green and Permanent Magenta. Joyce’s 18-color palette is hand-filled with 6 full-size pans and 12 half-size pans, and this skilled combination of transparent and semi-transparent colors is how Joyce achieves her signature style of radiant compositions and vivid landscapes.

“A question I often get asked from students is how to achieve the fresh, glowing color found in my paintings. My answer is always the same: Da Vinci Paint! I want my paintings to reflect the degree of love I feel for the subjects I choose to paint. The extreme pigment load and purity of Da Vinci watercolor allows me to better express these feelings.

"From the first glowing stroke of Da Vinci watercolors, I was in love with the beautiful, transparent color that I was able to achieve with these paints, and in all the years since, I’ve never found a brand more moderately priced or one that pleases me so much.” - Joyce Hicks, AWS

Set includes 18 professional colors in hand-filled pans:

  1. Joyce's Mother Green (full pan; PG7/PBr7/PY42)
  2. Joyce’s Mother Violet (full pan; PB33/PB15/PV19)
  3. Alizarin Crimson (full pan; PV19)
  4. Permanent Rose (full pan; PV19)
  5. Permanent Magenta (full pan; PV19/PB29)
  6. Vermilion Hue (full pan; PR188/PO62)
  7. Benzimida Orange (half pan; PO62)
  8. Hansa Yellow Light (half pan; PY3)
  9. Hansa Yellow Deep (half pan; PY65)
  10. Raw Sienna (half pan; PBr7)
  11. Quinacridone Gold (half pan; PY150/PR206)
  12. Burnt Sienna (half pan; PBr7)
  13. Manganese Blue Mixture (half pan; PB33/PB15)
  14. Cobalt Blue (half pan; PB28)
  15. Ultramarine Blue (half pan; PB29)
  16. Sap Green (half pan; PG7/PY42)
  17. Viridian Green (half pan; PG18)
  18. Prussian Blue (half pan; PB27)

About Da Vinci Artist Watercolors:

  • High concentration of premium pigment is finely milled for maximum vibrancy
  • Pigments are dispersed in the finest quality natural gum
  • Amazing rewetting properties. Use Da Vinci Watercolors straight from the tube or fill your own watercolor pans and rewet.
  • Made in USA with craftsmanship quality

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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