Joyce's Mother Green Da Vinci Watercolor Palette

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11 hand-filled pans
(1) full pan & (10) half pans

Joyce's Mother Green Da Vinci Watercolor Palette is a custom, hand-filled pan set curated by Artist Joyce Hicks that includes Joyce's Mother Green. The colors in this set are the secret behind Joyce's transparent, beautiful, organic greens that can be seen throughout Joyce's paintings.

Joyce's Mother Green is a unique blend that is the base from which many of Joyce's glowing warm and cool colors originate. Joyce believes that "color is one of the most powerful ways an artist can communicate," and Joyce's Mother Green Da Vinci Palette is everything an artist needs in order to create the same gorgeous colors found in her paintings.

This set contains the following colors in hand-filled pans:

  1. Joyce's Mother Green (full pan; PG7/PBr7/PY42)
  2. Manganese Blue Mixture (half pan; PB33/PB15)
  3. Cobalt Blue (half pan; PB28)
  4. Viridian (half pan; PG18)
  5. Prussian Blue (half pan; PB27)
  6. Alizarin Crimson (half pan; PV19)
  7. Permanent Rose (half pan; PV19)
  8. Hansa Yellow Light (half pan; PY3)
  9. Hansa Yellow Deep (half pan; PY65)
  10. Quinacridone Gold (half pan; PY150/PR206)
  11. Burnt Sienna (half pan; PBr7)

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Note from Artist Joyce Hicks, AWS:

I've always been able to visualize places and things in a very idealistic way, but it wasn't until I discovered painting that I was able to express and interpret my own personal view of the world. My art is not always a true rendition of what is actually there but how I wish it could be. If the old white homestead is a bit neglected, then I will just capture it in sunlight to discover its real beauty. If there is only one withered rose on the old trellis then why not one hundred in full bloom?

Frequent travel allows me to see and define what my heart is drawn to; not in the grand or extraordinary but in simple unassuming beauty. Painting gives me the opportunity to unite visual images with a montage of personal memories stored over my life time. In an attempt to translate my feelings for a subject, I use interesting brush strokes, strong contrasts, sunlight and shadow in colors both soft and bold. These elements combine in a very personal and unique way providing a visual welcome mat, of sorts, tempting others into my world. My hope is to uplift the human spirit and inspire others to join me as I continue my artful journey.

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