The paint formulas my grandfather began as an experiment in Italy more than 100 years ago have evolved into what is now Da Vinci Paints. His goal was to make the highest quality artist colors and offer them at affordable prices. Today, we’re still 100-percent committed to that purpose. Making quality paints is built into our DNA.
Although our formulas originated more than a century ago, Da Vinci Paint Company wasn’t founded until 1975 when my father moved us to Orange County, California. He started with a range of 56 professional oil colors which he initially offered to local, small family-owned art shops. It took many years and a strong commitment to establish a following of artists who discovered the quality of Da Vinci Paints.


In the 1980s, Dad formulated a new range of watercolors which included the first ever Permanent Alizarin Crimson, a lightfast and reliable option to the traditional, fugitive Alizarin Crimson. He also picked convenience and value over tradition when he chose to sell Da Vinci watercolors in a 37mL tube size that, until that point, was used solely for oil paints. This made Da Vinci watercolors the first to be offered in a large tube, and it was priced to compete with other manufacturers’ standard 14mL size.
The combination of Da Vinci Paint’s outstanding quality and great value eventually caught on, and Da Vinci watercolors became a favorite among artists. Watercolors in the larger tube size became Da Vinci’s flagship color range.
Working on the mill at a young age, I quickly learned that being meticulous in the paint making process was just as important as finding the perfect ingredients. Focusing on quality instead of quantity turned paint making into a passion for me and has become my lifelong work. My wife, Kelly, and I purchased Da Vinci from Dad in 2012. I’ve handcrafted Da Vinci paints for almost 40 years and continue to grow and update our paints to ensure you have the best possible colors. Our colors represent who we are and what we do. We immerse ourselves in making perfect batches of paint every day so you too can have full freedom of artistic expression without compromise.
We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them. We’d love to see what you’ve created with Da Vinci Paints and invite you to share your #DaVinciMoment with us.