Watercolor Mixing Pan Palette

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6 hand-filled pans
Warm & Cool Primaries

Keep your palette simple and maximize your color range by mixing warm and cool primaries with our 6-color mixing set. This split-primary palette is the perfect way to explore color theory along with warm and cool relationships and learn essential mixing formulas. Once you're able to mix like a pro, use the mixing set as an uncluttered solution for painting a variety of subjects, or add secondary colors to create a personal palette of your own. The 6-color mixing palette is also available in a 15ml tube set.

Da Vinci Paint 2-in-1 watercolors contain an extremely high pigment load and added rewetting agents. This makes them perfect to use straight out of the tube or as a pan watercolor. We hand-fill each pan individually in California, USA, with the same formulas used in our tube watercolors.

This set contains the following colors in (6) full-size pans:

  1. Hansa Yellow Light (PY43; cool)
  2. Arylide Yellow (PY97; warm)
  3. Red Rose Deep (PV19; cool)
  4. Vermilion (PR188/PO62; warm)
  5. Phthalo Blue (PB15; cool)
  6. Ultramarine Blue (PB29; warm)

Made in USA with craftsmanship quality.