Scratchmade Da Vinci Watercolor Palette

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18 hand-filled pans
(6) full-size & (12) half-size

The Scratchmade Watercolor Palette by Artist Tonya Lee is hand-filled and contains (6) full pans and (12) half pans for a total of 18 professional watercolors.

The 6 full pans across the top of the palette are Tonya's essential, go-to colors. These single pigment colors are a perfect combination of cool and warm, transparent and more opaque, clear and granulating. The 12 colors across the bottom of the palette are also a balanced selection. The 12 colors combine with the 6 essential colors to create a completely harmonious palette that's perfect for any subject matter.

This set contains the following colors in hand-filled pans:

  1. Da Vinci Yellow (full pan; PY154)
  2. Red Rose Deep (full pan; PV19)
  3. Da Vinci Red (full pan; PR254)
  4. Burnt Sienna Deep (full pan; PR101)
  5. Ultramarine (Green Shade) (full pan; PB29)
  6. Phthalo Green (full pan; PG7)
  7. Hansa Yellow Deep (half pan; PY65)
  8. Raw Sienna (half pan; PBr7)
  9. Raw Umber (half pan; PBr7)
  10. Violet Iron Oxide (half pan; PR101)
  11. Alizarin Crimson (half pan; PV19)
  12. Quinacridone Violet (half pan; PV19)
  13. Cerulean Blue (half pan; PB36)
  14. Cobalt Blue (half pan; PB28)
  15. Indanthrene Blue (half pan; PB60)
  16. Green Gold (half pan; PY129)
  17. Hooker's Green Light (half pan; PY42/PG7)
  18. Perylene Green (half pan; PBk31)
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