Scratchmade Da Vinci Watercolor Palette

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18 hand-filled pans
(6) full-size & (12) half-size

The Scratchmade Watercolor Palette by Artist Tonya Lee is hand-filled and contains (6) full pans and (12) half pans for a total of 18 professional watercolors.

The 6 full pans across the top of the palette are Tonya's essential, go-to colors. These single pigment colors are a perfect combination of cool and warm, transparent and more opaque, clear and granulating. The 12 colors across the bottom of the palette are also a balanced selection. The 12 colors combine with the 6 essential colors to create a completely harmonious palette that's perfect for any subject matter.

For more on the Scratchmade Palette color selection and mixing, visit Tonya's website at

This set contains the following colors in hand-filled pans:

  1. Da Vinci Yellow (full pan; PY154)
  2. Red Rose Deep (full pan; PV19)
  3. Da Vinci Red (full pan; PR254)
  4. Burnt Sienna Deep (full pan; PR101)
  5. Ultramarine (Green Shade) (full pan; PB29)
  6. Phthalo Green (full pan; PG7)
  7. Hansa Yellow Deep (half pan; PY65)
  8. Raw Sienna (half pan; PBr7)
  9. Raw Umber (half pan; PBr7)
  10. Violet Iron Oxide (half pan; PR101)
  11. Alizarin Crimson (half pan; PV19)
  12. Quinacridone Violet (half pan; PV19)
  13. Cerulean Blue (half pan; PB36)
  14. Cobalt Blue (half pan; PB28)
  15. Indanthrene Blue (half pan; PB60)
  16. Green Gold (half pan; PY129)
  17. Hooker's Green Light (half pan; PY42/PG7)
  18. Perylene Green (half pan; PBk31)
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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