Paul's Wandering Watercolorist Palette

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20 hand-filled pans
Includes Jackson Blue!

Da Vinci Ambassador Artist Paul Jackson's custom curated watercolor set of 20 colors contains Paul's complete palette along with his customized convenience color, Jackson Blue.

To create his personalized custom palette, Paul took existing Da Vinci colors and gave them his own creative, signature color names with the exception of Jackson Blue. Jackson Blue is Paul's unique convenience color that Da Vinci developed alongside Paul to represent the color of the "blue hour," or a period of intense blue-violet twilight that occurs when the sun has just set or is about to rise.

Paul's complete collection of signature color names along with their corresponding Da Vinci color names, Paul's custom convenience color Jackson Blue, and Paul's Wandering Watercolorist Da Vinci Watercolor Palette and set may all be found here. Paul's Wandering Watercolorist Da Vinci Watercolor Palette is also available in a set of 20 (15mL) tubes.

Set contains 20 professional colors in hand-filled pans:

  1. Master's Yellow (Same as Naples Yellow; half pan; PY35/PY43)
  2. Electric Lemon (Same as Cadmium Yellow Lemon; half pan; PY35)
  3. Marigold (Same as Arylide Yellow Deep; half pan; PY65)
  4. International Orange (Same as Da Vinci Orange; half pan; PO73)
  5. Fireball (Same as Bright Red; half pan; PR188/PY65)
  6. Kathmandu Alizarin (Same as Alizarin Crimson; half pan; PV19)
  7. Rockstar Pink (Same as Opus; half pan; PR122 + Red Dyed Polymer)
  8. Cabernet (Same as Quinacridone Violet; half pan; PV19)
  9. Aubergine (Same as Mauve; half pan; PV19/PB29)
  10. Deep Dark Blue (Same as Indigo; half pan; PB27/PV19)
  11. Ultramarine Dream (Same as French Ultramarine RS; half pan; PB29)
  12. Envy (Same as Phthalo Green; half pan; PG7)
  13. Portrait Pink (Same as Lilac; half pan; PV19/PB29/PW6)
  14. Submarine Yellow (Same as Soulshine; half pan; PO62/PY97)
  15. Sienna Fire (Same as Benzimida Orange; full pan; PO62)
  16. Cowbell (Same as Burnt Sienna Deep; full pan; PR101)
  17. Deep Purple (Same as Da Vinci Violet; full pan; PV23)
  18. Jackson Blue (full pan; PB28/PV23)
  19. Ocean (Same as Phthalo Blue; half pan; PB15)
  20. Bora Bora Turquoise (Same as Phthalo Turquoise; half pan; PB16)
About Da Vinci Watercolors:
  • Small batch process ensures the highest craftsmanship
  • High concentration of premium pigment is finely milled for maximum vibrancy
  • Responsibly sourced, pure gum arabic
  • Proprietary 2-in-1 formula with amazing rewetting properties: Use Da Vinci Watercolors straight from the tube or fill your own watercolor pans and rewet
  • Made in USA with craftsmanship quality

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