Denise's Moody Trio

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Artist curated set includes French Ultramarine, Perylene Green & Rose Madder.

Mix your own #DaVinciMoment with this custom watercolor trio curated by Artist Denise Soden! Set includes (3) specially selected colors of 8mL watercolor tubes.

Why This Trio?
Perylene Green is one of my favorite colors in watercolor. It is a fantastic mixing color that transforms nearly any other color into a deep, moody version of itself. I wanted to showcase this Da Vinci Paint pigment alongside a cool red and a blue to show off the versatile range of darks it can provide to nearly any palette.

About the Artist...
A professional zoo educator for most of her early career, Denise is now a full time artist and educational content creator who connects others to wildlife through art. To learn more about Denise Soden, visit her website.

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