Zan's "Sun-Kissed" Trio

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Artist curated set includes Alizarin Gold, Cobalt Turquoise & Indian Yellow.

Mix your own #DaVinciMoment with this custom watercolor trio curated by Artist Zan Barrage! Set includes (3) specially selected colors of 8mL watercolor tubes.

Why This Trio?
This dialed up trio is tricky but wild and full of light. The granulation of the Cobalt Turquoise works so beautifully with Alizarin Gold to give you deep earthy darks. With Indian Yellow, the Cobalt Turquoise combines to give you rich spring greens and warm summer shadows. You won't get tired of the Sun-Kissed Trio!

Zan's favorite things...
  • Days on the beach
  • Camping Trips
  • Sitting on the porch in a summer thunderstorm
Learn more about Zan at his website or on Instagram @zanbarrage