Cindy's Ocean Trio

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Artist curated set includes Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Turquoise & Cobalt Turquoise Deep.

Mix your own #DaVinciMoment with this custom watercolor trio curated by Artist Cindy Lane! Set includes (3) specially selected colors of 8mL watercolor tubes.

Why this Trio? I chose these Trio colors because they speak to me of "The Ocean," where I live, create, and play. Some of my favorite things are the sparkling shimmer on the sea on really hot days and super low tides that expose new rock pools to explore.

About the artist...
Cindy is an award winning artist and illustrator, writer and teacher, living and working by the sea in Australia. Cindy is highly skilled in a wide variety of media and firmly believes anyone, once shown how, can create beautiful art. Learn more about Cindy at her website or on Instagram @CindyLaneArt.