Winter Watercolor Set

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(6) 15mL tubes

Cool and clear yet warm and cozy, the Winter Watercolor Set is a Da Vinci Paints' curated collection that's perfect for capturing the contrasting senses of the season. All of the colors in this 6-color set were chosen to work together as a complete watercolor palette, or combine these colors with an existing palette to instantly add a touch of winter aura.

This careful combination of warm and cool colors are gorgeous on their own, but Da Vinci’s Winter Set will also create a beautiful range of mixes. Useful for painting deep evergreens, snow-capped mountains, dormant fields, or even the aurora borealis, these six transparent to semi-transparent winter palette colors also work especially well alongside Da Vinci’s Titanium White gouache.

Set includes 6 professional colors in 15mL tubes:

  1. Hansa Yellow Light (PY3 - Semi-transparent)
  2. Cerulean Blue Hue (PB15/PW6 - Semi-transparent)
  3. Quinacridone Fuchsia (PR202 - Transparent)
  4. Perylene Maroon (PR179 - Semi-transparent)
  5. Sepia (PBk6/PBr7 - Semi-transparent)
  6. Payne's Gray (PBk6/PB27 - Semi-transparent)

About Da Vinci Artist Watercolors:

  • Small batch process ensures the highest craftsmanship
  • High concentration of premium pigment is finely milled for maximum vibrancy
  • Responsibly sourced, pure gum arabic
  • Proprietary 2-in-1 formula with amazing rewetting properties: Use Da Vinci Watercolors straight from the tube or fill your own watercolor pans and rewet
  • Made in USA with craftsmanship quality