Opus (Vivid Pink) (15mL Watercolor)

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(PR122 + Red Dyed Polymer - Semi-transparent)

From pink flamingos to peonies and petunias, Da Vinci Opus can be used to paint some of the boldest colors in nature. While this intense color is beautiful by itself, Opus is also an excellent mixer and useful for creating blazing oranges, brilliant purples, and glimmering golds. Opus is available in artist-grade watercolors along with our exclusive Opus Watercolor Mixing Set, in fluid acrylics, and as a heavy-bodied acrylic in Da Vinci Vivid Pink.

Carefully crafted to exact standards using only the finest quality natural gum and the highest concentration of finely milled, premium pigments, Da Vinci Paints Artist Watercolors have unmatched performance, quality, and value. Enjoy Da Vinci professional watercolors straight from the tube or dried in pans to experience the beautiful vibrancy, excellent dispersion, and remarkable rewetting properties.

  • Fade resistence not rated
  • Made with Pigment Red 122 (PR122) + Red Dyed Polymer dispersed in the finest quality natural gum
  • High concentration of premium pigment is finely milled for maximum vibrancy
  • Semi-transparent and staining
  • Amazing rewetting properties. Use Da Vinci Watercolors straight from the tube or fill your own watercolor pans and rewet.
  • Made in USA with craftsmanship quality