Jenn's Juicy Trio

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Artist curated set includes Hansa Yellow Deep, Red Rose Deep & Phthalo Green.

Mix your own #DaVinciMoment with this custom watercolor trio curated by Artist Jennifer McLean! Set includes (3) specially selected colors of 8mL watercolor tubes.

Why this Trio?
These three transparent, single-pigment colors were the "juiciest" that I could get my hands on! My Trio will mix beautifully bright, cheery colors and also more subdued, moody ones. Both powerful and delicate shades can be created from these three colors. Learn more about Jenn's Juicy Trio at her website.

About the Artist...
Jennifer McLean is a watercolor and mixed media artist and an avid reader, so you'll always find either a book or a paintbrush in her hand. Learn more about Jennifer at her website.