Jenn's Garden Trio

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(3) 8mL tubes
Hansa Yellow Medium, Phthalo Blue (RS) & Quinacridone Red

Mix your own #DaVinciMoment with this custom watercolor trio curated by Artist Jennifer McLean! Set includes (3) specially selected colors of 8mL watercolor tubes.

Why This Trio?
I wanted to build a good, strong palette that also mixes terrific secondary colors. Hansa Yellow Medium is neither warm nor cool and it's beautifully transparent. Phthalo Blue (RS) is nearly perfectly primary with a tiny extra red. Quinacridone Red is a beautiful, clean color that evokes the idea of crispy apples. Learn more about Jenn's Garden Trio at her website.

Jenn's favorite summer things...
  • Feeding the seagulls at the beach
  • It almost never snows in the summer
  • Canning fresh fruits and veggies for winter with my mom