Da Vinci's Watercolor Palette

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12 full pans with travel tin

Da Vinci Paint professional watercolor palette contains 12 hand-filled, full pan colors in a durable, signature Da Vinci travel tin. This specially curated combination of warm and cool colors along with staining and granulating shades forms a complete watercolor palette and is suitable for painting any subject.

Da Vinci Paint 2-in-1 watercolors contain an extremely high pigment load and added rewetting agents. This makes them perfect to use straight out of the tube or as a pan watercolor. We hand-fill each pan individually in California, USA, with the same formulas used in our tube watercolors. This palette is a perfect way to explore the beautiful vibrancy, excellent dispersion, and remarkable rewetting properties of Da Vinci Artist Watercolors.

This set contains the following colors:
  1. Da Vinci Yellow (PY154)
  2. Hansa Yellow Deep (PY65)
  3. Da Vinci Red (PR254)
  4. Alizarin Crimson (Quinacridone) (PV19)
  5. Permanent Rose (Quinacridone) (PV19)
  6. Phthalo Blue (Red Shade) (PB15)
  7. Ultramarine (Green Shade) (PB29)
  8. Sap Green (PG7/PY42)
  9. Yellow Ochre (PY43)
  10. Burnt Sienna (PBr7)
  11. Burnt Umber (PBr7)
  12. Titanium White (PW6)
Da Vinci Artist Paints are made in USA with craftsmanship quality.