Bright Spring Watercolor Set

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(6) 15mL tubes

Slide confidently into spring with Da Vinci Paints Bright Spring Palette, a vibrant and colorful combination of transparent to semi-transparent watercolors for capturing springtime’s invigorating moments and energetic glow.

This custom curated collection is a perfect 6-color palette consisting of warm and cool colors that easily mix a wide range of golden yellows, fresh greens, clear blues, vivid violets, and plenty of colors in between. These six colors will also produce more muted shades including a nice range of olives, earths, and neutrals which makes Da Vinci Paints Bright Spring Palette a fantastic option for plein air painting or nature sketching.

For a 12-color watercolor palette that's made for all things spring, pair Da Vinci Paints Bright Spring Palette with our Light Spring Palette. These two palettes offer a delightful combination of transparent and opaque, granulating and staining, and bold and soft colors that are excellent for any season!

To learn more about each individual color in this set, click on the links in the color list below.

Set includes 6 professional colors in 15mL tubes:

  1. Hansa Yellow Medium (PY74 - Transparent)
  2. Benzimida Orange (PO62 - Semi-transparent)
  3. Opus (PR122 + Red Dyed Polymer - Semi-transparent)
  4. Permanent Red (PR188 - Semi-transparent)
  5. Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade) (PG36 - Transparent)
  6. Phthalo Turquoise (PB16 - Transparent)
About Da Vinci Watercolors:
  • Small batch process ensures the highest craftsmanship
  • High concentration of premium pigment is finely milled for maximum vibrancy
  • Responsibly sourced, pure gum arabic
  • Proprietary 2-in-1 formula with amazing rewetting properties: Use Da Vinci Watercolors straight from the tube or fill your own watercolor pans and rewet
  • Made in USA with craftsmanship quality