Prussian Blue (150mL Oil Paint)

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(PB27 - Transparent)

Da Vinci Prussian Blue is a very dark, transparent blue with high tinting strength. In masstone, Prussian appears almost blue-black in a painting yet lightens and brightens marvelously in tints and glazes. Prussian’s green undertones have earned it a place in landscape palettes due to its ability to mix a nearly unlimited range of greens, browns, and darks, while portrait artists prize Prussian for its ease in creating shadows.

Pair Prussian Blue with an earth color like Yellow Ochre or Venetian Red like in Da Vinci's Warm Up Trio, and prepare to be amazed! Crafted with the finest pigment to produce a Prussian that is reminiscent of midnight, Da Vinci Prussian Blue is in a class all by itself.

Da Vinci Artist Oils are formulated with the finest pigments that are carefully blended and milled with the purest refined linseed oil to make an unrivaled oil paint that’s worthy of the Masters. Enjoy rich and full-bodied oil paint with a buttery, smooth consistency that paints, glazes, and mixes without losing vibrancy. Using quality ingredients, a high concentration of pigment, and our proprietary formulas, Da Vinci produces an exceptional professional oil paint that’s perfect for your fine art application.

  • Excellent fade-resistance (Lightfastness I)
  • Made with Pigment Blue 27 (PB27) - Transparent
  • High concentration of premium pigment is finely milled for maximum vibrancy
  • Soft consistency is perfect for easy mixing yet thick enough to achieve texture and brush marks
  • Vehicle: finest alkali refined linseed oil
  • Made in USA with craftsmanship quality