Green Gold (4oz Fluid Acrylic)

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(PY150/PG36 - Transparent)

Da Vinci Green Gold Fluid Acrylic is a beautifully transparent yet rich and natural green that's the color of fresh spring and sunlit trees. Perfect for a plein air palette and an excellent color for floral and landscape painters, use Green Gold to depict delicate leaves and foreground grasses or for glazing the upper story of a forested glen. This gorgeous green may quickly become a palette staple!

  • Excellent fade-resistance (Lightfastness I)
  • Made with Pigment Yellow 150 & Green 36 (PY150/PG36)
  • Transparent

Da Vinci Artist Fluid Acrylics are available in 1oz, 4oz, and 16oz bottles. We also offer artists a selection of professional acrylic painting mediums.

About Da Vinci Fluid Acrylics:
  • Small batch process ensures the highest craftsmanship
  • High concentration of premium pigment is finely milled for maximum vibrancy
  • Formulated using a unique and stable acrylic polymer emulsion to achieve a dry film that is water resistant, flexible, and exceptionally durable
  • Proprietary formula works exceptionally well in brushed or poured applications
  • Made in USA with craftsmanship quality