Gouache CMYK + 2 Whites Set

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Set includes (6) 15mL tubes

Da Vinci Artist Gouache CMYK + White set includes 4 single-pigment artist colors along with 2 tubes of titanium white. This combination is perfect for using as a limited palette and for mixing a wide variety of additional colors.

Colors include:
  1. Black (PBk6)
  2. Magenta (PV19)
  3. Phthalo Blue (PB15)
  4. Yellow Light (Hansa) (PY3)
  5. Titanium White (PW6)

Da Vinci Artist Gouache is formulated using responsibly sourced gum arabic. The highest quality pigments are finely ground to create a water-based formula that’s rich in color, lightfast, and permanent. Da Vinci Gouache is an opaque watercolor that dries without a chalky residue, and its creamy consistency is ideal for easy mixing. All Da Vinci Gouache colors are non-toxic and vegan.

  • Creamy consistency - smooth flow and opaque for increase coverage
  • Water-based formula
  • Non-toxic and vegan
  • Made in USA with craftsmanship quality