Cadmium Yellow Lemon (37mL Oil Paint)

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(PY35 - Opaque)

Da Vinci Cadmium Yellow Lemon Artist Oil is a softly bright, opaque yellow that reminds one of clear sunrays or early springtime florals. Clean in masstone with slightly cool undertones that become more pronounced in glazes, Cadmium Yellow Lemon creates creamy sorbet colors when mixed with white and will produce an excellent range of muted greens when mixed with black.

Cadmium Yellow Lemon is also wonderfully adaptable in other mixes and will produce muted or bright colors with ease. Its soft neutrality and agility in mixes make Cadmium Yellow Lemon an excellent choice for a primary or cool yellow in an artist oil palette.

  • Excellent fade-resistance (Lightfastness I)
  • Made with Pigment Yellow 35 (PY35) in the finest alkali refined linseed oil
  • Opaque

Da Vinci Artist Oils are available in 37mL and 150mL tube sizes and in 300mL cartridges. We also offer artists a custom selection of professional oil sets along with various artist-grade painting mediums.

About Da Vinci Artist Oils:
  • Small batch process ensures the highest craftsmanship
  • High concentration of premium pigment is finely milled for maximum vibrancy
  • Soft consistency is perfect for easy mixing yet thick enough to achieve texture and brush marks
  • Made in USA with craftsmanship quality

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -