Opus (Vivid Pink) Mixing Set

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(6) 15mL tubes

From pink flamingos to peonies and petunias, Da Vinci's Opus (Vivid Pink) can be used to paint some of the boldest colors in nature. While this intense color is beautiful by itself, Opus is also an excellent mixer and useful for creating blazing oranges, brilliant purples, and glimmering golds. This limited edition color set is an amazing value and includes colors perfect for mixing with Opus (Vivid Pink). Try it today!

Set includes 6 colors:

  1. Da Vinci Yellow (PY154)
  2. Green Gold (PY129)
  3. Raw Umber (PBr7)
  4. Phthalo Blue (PB15)
  5. Phthalo Green (PG7)
  6. Opus (Vivid Pink) (PR122)
Da Vinci Paints are made in USA with craftsmanship quality