Fluid Acrylic Color Set

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Set of (6) 1oz bottles

Da Vinci Artist Fluid Acrylic set includes (6) professional-quality fluid acrylic colors in convenient 1oz bottles. These six colors work perfectly as a limited palette and can be easily mixed or poured to produce a wide variety of additional colors.

Colors include:
  • Green Gold (PY150/PG36)
  • Hansa Yellow Light (PY3)
  • Naphthol Red Medium (PR170)
  • Quinacridone Gold (PY150/PR206)
  • Rich Blue (PB60)
  • Transparent Burnt Sienna (PR101)

Da Vinci's fluid acrylics are formulated using a unique and stable acrylic polymer emulsion to achieve a dry film that is water resistant, flexible, and exceptionally durable. We use only the highest grade pigments, and no fillers or extenders are added. Da Vinci fluid acrylics allow artists to achieve a highly concentrated, thin layer of paint that works exceptionally well in brushed or poured applications. Fluid acrylics can also be used to create a watercolor effect on oil-free surfaces such as canvas, paper, wood, or plaster.

  • High concentration of pigment for maximum brightness and intensity
  • Made in USA with craftsmanship quality